I’ll write a letter to your mother in Tama-shi Kaidori

I’ll write a letter to Mama.

I’ll tell her that I’ve yet to meet the lovely woman who gave birth to you, the love of my life.

I’ll tell her that I’m beyond grateful she raised a very strong and caring daughter.

I’ll tell her that I’ll take care of you with the best of my ability.

I’ll tell her how proud you make me and how successful you’re gonna be in the field of music and film.

I’ll tell her how chivalrous you are, how you’d take me home despite the distance or wait in line with me in the heat until my ride home arrives.

I’ll tell her that I’m not afraid to hold your hand in public and that I will protect you from the vicious stares of strangers.

I’ll tell her that I can’t wait to marry you, Rachelle Jean.

I’ll tell her how you’re so sick of singing my favorite song and yet you still sing it anyway because unknowingly, you’re the sweetest person in the world.

I’ll tell her how you make me swoon just by staring into my eyes and planting a kiss on my hand.

I’ll tell her how lucky we both are to have you in our lives.

I’ll tell her that she won’t need to worry about anything in the future because we’ve got her, isn’t that right, my love?

I’ll tell her how deeper I fall in love with you every minute of every day.

I’ll tell her to join me next time and witness how breathtaking you are when you perform on stage.

I’ll tell her how you never fail to make me smile.

I’ll tell her that I love you, I love you no matter what.


Life became way more meaningful when I realized the simple fact that I could be in this mall next week, in our favorite popcorn place, sitting on this very chair, feeding her white cheddar popcorn as I stare into her eyes but I’ll never ever get the same moment twice.